Liquid Wire’s MetalGel™ [MG-XX]™ product line is a family of highly-conductive metal gels for use in flexible electronics, sensors, RF and many other applications.

This fluid can be easily printed atop elastic membranes and encapsulated, creating a "liquid wire" within a flexible substrate, capable of deforming within the limits of the substrate. Changing geometry of the printed traces creates a linearly changing impedance, allowing DC or AC transducers that are capable of measuring electrical signals proportional to the strains and compression of the underlying material. Circuit patterning and component attach are room temperature processes, while MetalGel™ withstands repeated processing in high melting point plastics and films; allowing a wide variety of technical laminates.

Key features of Liquid Wire technology include:

  • Highly conductive material (5,000,000 Siemens/Meter)
  • Linear change in electrical properties on stretch
  • Radio Frequency Performance up to 6 GHz
  • No loss in properties due to fatigue cycling
  • Compatible with Thermal Lamination

Both bulk MetalGel™ and finished Liquid Wire systems are available. Contact Us for more information.