Our Core Technology is a material called "Metal Gel". We begin with Gallium-Indium, a well known and non-toxic room temperature liquid metal. We then subject it to a chemical process to induce the inorganic analogue of gelification, creating high viscosity and easily wettable metal fluid.

This fluid can be easily printed atop elastic membranes and encapsulated, creating a "liquid wire" within a rubber substrate, capable of deforming within the limits of whatever substrate it is printed upon. Changing geometry of the printed traces creates a linearly changing impedance, allowing both DC and AC transducers to be built capable of picking up strains and compressions atop of composite, highly elastic and highly flexible surfaces.

Key features of Liquid Wire technology include:

  • Highly conductive material (5,000,000 Siemens/Meter)
  • Linear change in electrical properties on stretch
  • Radio Frequency Performance up to 6 GHz
  • No loss in properties due to fatigue cycling
  • Compatible with Thermal Lamination

Both bulk Metal Gel and finished Liquid Wire systems are available. Contact Us for more information.