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Flexible. Wearable. Configurable.

At Liquid Wire we are on a mission to free designers from rigid substrates, enabling the next generation of flexible circuits on your products.

Our high conductivity MetalGelâ„¢ provides an ideal solution for wearable, conformable, dynamic electronics hosted on the material of your choice. From fabrics to rubbers and beyond, we provide:

  • Signal and Power lines
  • Stretch, Pressure and RF Sensing
  • Heterogeneous material transitions without mechanical connectors
  • Integration of Passive and Active components and multilayer circuits
  • Process and manufacturing development

How do we do it?

SensElast Connect by NTT and Liquid Wire
Liquid Wire LED ring with SMT components
MetalGelâ„¢ thin-film strain gauge.
Liquid Wire "Rave Gear" Circuit with SMT LEDs and ICs

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